De Novo Nutrition Utopian Cognitive Enhancer (Strawberry Kiwi)

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This is normally where we'd elaborate on a few key benefits to try and sell Utopian to you a little more. However, one reviewer from below (Ty) has done so better than we ever could, so we'll just leave his review here: "Ever drank lightning? Ever pissed excellence? Ever injected napalm intravenously (do not do that)? No, because you're a nerf ball and haven't had Utopian yet. Want the closest thing to the drug in the movie "Limitless?" This is it. But we don't live in a fictional world, dummy; so don't expect Rain Man calculations following ingestion. Do expect to get tiger eyes and unbreakable focus while you destroy every task on your list or piece of iron fearfully clinging to the earth with the help of that silver-medalist-force-of-nature, "gravity" you were once affected by. Using a masterfully concocted amalgamation of one part science, and one part science, De Novo has managed to produce a seemingly magical elixir of energy that will give jitters the you. It's said this is superman's antidote to kryptonite, it's whispered this courses through Zeus' vascular system, and it's sung that this fills Odin's chalice. Utopian tastes like victory after delayed gratification and is nothing short of a spiritual experience. Your competition is drinking Utopian. What's in your shaker bottle?" - Ty, Amazon Reviewer and genius wordsmith
Dimensions: 272 x 315 x 441
Condition: New

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