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Let's look at some of the myths surrounding your energy level: MYTH #1 Your energy runs entirely on calories. False! Although calories are your body's primary source of fuel, multiple other factors go into how much energy you feel. For example, getting the right nutrition keeps your systems running optimally, whereas empty calories can make you feel sluggish rather than charged. MYTH #2 If you get enough sleep, you will feel recharged. No! Sleep is definitely important to proper energy levels, but sometimes it's not enough. If your hormone levels are off-balance, even a full night's sleep can leave you feeling exhausted. MYTH #3 Caffeine is the only way through a midday slump. Definitely not! Caffeine has become a common crutch for lack of energy throughout the day, but the truth is that its effect starts to wear off once you become accustomed to it. That's because caffeine is a drug and your body does not require it for energy. When you fuel your day with the right amino acids, vitamins, and other nutrients, you NEVER get to the point where they stop working. Your body needs the right levels of these nutrients every day. Do you feel like your days are getting swept out from under your feet? Does your body feel like it is older than it should be? Do you feel as if you just can't do the things you once could do, or are you not performing at your optimal level? If you feel like this is you and your lifestyle, you need to start on a supplement that rewards your body and restores the critical adrenal hormones that become depleted. With Energy Nurture you are getting an all-natural, non-animal based glandular restoration to your body's primary source of fuel to empower your day and support life's most stressful moments.
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