PROGENEX® Burn | Fat Burner & Metabolism Booster | Stimulant-Free Energy for Enhanced Endurance | Sports Performance Supplement for Men and Women | 30 Individual Serving Packets (Sour Watermelon Pop)

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"I have been taking Burn 2-3x's a day for about a month...I was thrilled and almost shocked that when I finished [my 100k] race, I had PR'd by almost 2hrs! I was shocked because I felt strong the entire race and my effort felt the same." PROGENEX Burn is a cutting-edge weight manage and sports performance supplement featuring dihydrocapsiates - a naturally occurring compound found in a specific, significantly less pungent strain of chili peppers. Delivered in the form of "pop rocks" in order to effectively stimulate certain receptors in your mouth, Burn increases lipolysis (fat burning) and boosts metabolism without side effects such as accelerated heart rate, elevated blood pressure, or energy crash. More than 50 research studies confirm PROGENEX Burn's ability to efficiently shift energy utilization from carbohydrates to fat. This means that Burn helps you access fat for fuel while sparing quick energy reserves for when you need them most - crushing your workout, your competition, or achieving your next personal best. Finally, PROGENEX Burn has also shown to increase aerobic work capacity and decrease lactic acid accumulation. So, as you burn fat for fuel, you're also able to train harder and longer. At PROGENEX, we are committed to creating the best athletic enhancement and sports supplements designed to improve training and performance. Our goal is to help you - our elite athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and everyday exercisers - unleash your inner athlete, attain your physical best and perform at your peak. Stoke the fire inside with PROGENEX Burn and start accessing the energy you need to live well, train tough, and play hard.
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Color: Sour Watermelon Pop
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