Beef Monkey Pre-Workout

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ENERGY: That initial boost of energy is what gives us that drive to smash the weights, but is too commonly followed by a crash. Beef Monkey Drive is long lasting. Designed not only to give you that initial boost, but to also keep you going throughout the duration of your workout. STRENGTH: As lifters, we all chase the pump. Chase no further. Increased Beef Monkey Pump means increased muscle growth. This state of the art formula is designed to deliver that muscle exploding pump you have always desired. FOCUS: Have you ever been to the gym and been unable to focus? Beef Monkey Focus is like none other before. We understand when you go to the gym, you go to get things done. Allow us to dial you in. BURN: Beef Monkey burn is intense! If you need something extra to get you through your workout, look no more! RECOVERY: What we like to call one of our secret ingredients, not commonly found in pre-workout today, is Turmeric. This is a natural root which acts as an anti-inflammatory. But why is this so crucial? When lifting and tearing muscles, those muscles will be inflamed. For example; Creatine Monohydrate is great for helping and building muscle, if only the creatine can get to the muscle. The inflammation makes it difficult for other supplements to do their job and causes longer recovery time for you.
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