BPI SPORTS BAM - Fierce Blue Lemon

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Powerful Pre-Workout Hybrid Train Harder - Train Longer Elevate Your Performance Liposomal Matrix Delivery System Cutting-Edge Technology Bam! Is A Powerful 2-In-1 Multi-Functional Pre-Workout, Formulated To Help You Train Harder, Feel Stronger And Build More Muscle. Take Bam! Before Your Workouts For More Energy, Muscle Swelling Pumps And Increased Focus. You Don'T Need To Worry About "Jitters" Or "Crashing," As Bam! Provides A Smooth Release Of Energy For Enhanced Endurance And Power. The Unique Liposomal Delivery System Allows For Better Bioavailability And Absoprtion Of These Key Performance Ingredients, So That You Can Feel The Full Effects Of This Potent Pre-Workout Formula. Break Through Plateaus And Shatter Your Goals With Bam! Bpi Sports' Multi-Functional Formulas Contain A One-Of-A-Kind Delivery System To Help You Reap The Maximum Benefits From Each Product. This New, Cutting-Edge Liposomal Delivery System Is Designed To Help Enhance Absorption Rates And Oral Bioavailability. This Natural Encapsulation Of Lypophilic And Hydrophilic Nutrients, Within Liposomes, Helps Each Ingredient Bypass The Destructive Elements Of The Gastric System, Therefore Delivering Nutrients To Cells Faster And More Effeciently.
Dimensions: 450 x 450 x 720
Size: 25 servings
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