RapidKetosis Premium Exogenous Ketone Supplement - Getting into Ketosis & Losing Weight Was Never Tastier & Easier!

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Hi! Thank you for considering RapidKetosis. I believe in being totally upfront, so you may notice a few 1 Star reviews - they happened because of some common misconceptions on what RapidKetosis does and does not do-so please let me clear them up for you now - before you purchase RapidKetosis. Because you eat carbs/sugars-you are currently in glycolsis-causing your body to store fat. But if you take RapidKetosis your body will switch into ketosis-causing our body to use it's own fats for fuels. RAPIDKETOSIS PRETTY MUCH SOLVES ALL OF THE PROBLEMS NORMALLY CAUSED BY LOW CARB/KETOGENIC DIETS Our product causes rapid ketosis and accelerates the rate of keto-adaptation. Our program will help eliminate the "keto-flu" caused from sugar withdrawals/demineralization, it minimizes the loss of lean body mass, and it makes it so that you are able to enjoy an occasional carbohydrate or sugar "cheat" meal. WHAT IT DOESN'T DO- While I'm sure you want your weight loss to be instantaneous, I assure you it is not. But I promise that if you do something right enough, long enough, the end results are 100% predictable. What does this mean? Well, the right enough is taking our supplements and eating according to the plan we provide you. The long enough, means to be patient. The weight didn't come on over night, nor will it go away overnight. You need to think of it as a lifestyle change. And I guarantee you (literally with our Extra Strength Version of RapidKetosis), that you will be at the weight you want in a few months to a year- depending on how much weight you need to lose. The end result, is you being at your ideal weight. The best part is, is that you can literally test yourself to prove it's working. Literally. This grape version works on about 90% of our clients and is the best tasting BHB product on the planet! Our Extra Strength Version has a virtual 100% success rate, and is blue raspberry flavored-it is for sale on Amazon also.
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