Hard Rhino HMB Capsules, 1000mg, 480 Vegetarian Capsules

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Hard Rhino HMB (B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate) capsules contain pure form powder with no unnecessary excipients or fillers packaged inside a vegeterian cellulose capsule. HMB also known chemically as B-Hydroxy B-Methylbutyrate is an important metabolite of the branched chain amino acid Leucine. HMB functions similarly to Leucine as it helps with reducing muscle protein breakdown but with a more potent effect on a per gram basis. HMB is considered an anti-catabolic agent as it reduces the rate of muscle breakdown. This happens because it supports the structure of muscle cells by protecting the skeletal muscles from breaking down and improving the muscle recovery after intense workout. Potentially increasing endurance, reducing recovery time overall, and reducing muscle soreness when used accordingly.† Dietary leucine, that is leucine consumed from foods, is only metabolized into HMB by 5% off all leucine intakes. Supplementation of HMB throughout the day for "on" and "off" days may support increased performance due to the supporting and protecting properties mentioned above. When taken in tandem with Creatine it is possible to increase these endurance and performance attributes even more as these two ingredients work side-by-side
Size: 480 Vegetarian Capsules
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