PEScience TruCreatine (Creatine Anhydrous), 30 servings

Purity...Perfected When it comes to performance enhancers and muscle builders, creatine is the most used and researched single ingredient supplement. Through the years there have been dozens of forms of creatine, all claiming to be the latest and greatest. If you've been around a while, you remember the days of loading creatine, stacking it with a bunch of sugar, or drinking CEE that tasted like a combination of pennies and lemons. Gross! Thankfully...those days are long behind us and the standard now is what it should be...just take your creatine as is. Plain and simple. In typical PEScience fashion, we take it a step further. We make sure you are getting the purest form of creatine available...ever. In fact, it is scientifically impossible to make a creatine more pure than Creatine Anhydrous, the form found in TruCreatine. On top of this TruCreatine essentially has no you can combine it with anything, or nothing! Creatine Anhydrous Our recommendation is 3 grams per day. This is based on research published in Nutrition [Rawson et al. 2011 Apr;27(4):451-5] on creatine monohydrate showing that 30mg/kg did not give any water retention in both men and women.
Dimensions: 280 x 360 x 370
Size: 30 servings
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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