GNC Pro Performance XR Series Creatine Advance XR Unflavored 30 Servings

GNC Pro Performance XR Series Creatine Advance XR 5000mg, 6 Form Creatine Blend Fuels Muscle Energy Hydration OT2 with Immediate Sustained 6 Hour Extended Release THE BENEFITS OF Creatine Advance XR GNCs superior Pro Performance XR Series Creatine Advance XR product is a dual-release formula with technology 8211 enhancement that extends the release of creatine, a key building block shown to support improved strength and performance. GNCS recently created Optimal Timing Technology - OT2 - was designed for immediate and 6 hr sustained release creatine. Creatine provides support for energy production during exercise and helps your muscles make and circulate ATP for quick, intense OT2 - THE EXCLUSIVE GNC ADVANTAGE OT2 is GNCs intelligent nutrient delivery system engineered to help release key ingredients during crucial times when you need them most These breakthrough products are designed to deliver immediate and sustained release of ingredients to help maintain benefits throughout your workout, day or night. OT2 ingredients are coated with a special technology that controls when they are released. These special actives may be seen in the product- now thats a real technology you can see and feel With the introduction of the unique, sustained-release technology, now muscle fueling creatine is released for up to six hours NITRO-FACTOR - MAXIMIZE MUSCLE BUILDING The full muscle building potential of a GNC product is based on its total nitrogen content- so the more nitrogen a product has, the stronger it will perform. Nitrogen needs increase during training, and if nitrogen levels are low, your body pulls from muscle stores which can result in catabolism, poor performance and longer recovery. To fuel performance and anabolism, Pro Performance Creatine Advance XR is loaded with 10 grams of nitrogen-boosting ingredients.
Dimensions: 100 x 100 x 100
Size: 30 servings
Color: red
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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