Performix IRIDIUM IONi Cherry Limeade 20 Servings

Performix Iridium IONi is a multi-phase pre-workout, created to fuel explosive energy, resilient strength, and peak cognitive performance. Performix Iridium IONi not only utilizes targeted nutrient delivery to drive dynamic physical development, but also collaborates with the bodyrsquos bio-chemical processes to evolve your performance beyond limitation. PERPETUAL STRENGTH By releasing Mediatorreg Phosphatidic Acid over multiple waves, Performix Iridium IONi supports consistent activation of the mTOR pathway to sustain muscle growth. This unique formulation allows you to embody and exude the strength that you earned in all aspects of your life. EXPLOSIVE ENERGY Precision engineered with TERRAtrade Intelligent Dosing technology, Performix Iridium IONi utilizes a complex of Caffeine, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Alpha Yohimbine, and Advantra Zreg to deliver explosive, sustained energy and Citrulline Malate to maximize your pump every workout. This product is formulated with ingredients that inhibit metabolic breakdown of key actives and multi-particulate technology to maximize your training when you need it most. COGNITIVE PRIMING TeaCrinereg Theacrine delivers an intensified nootropic effect, igniting acute mental focus and fueling endurance for unprecedented cognitive performance. KSM-66reg Ashwagandha and Cognizinreg Citicoline prime the mind to do more and do it better. Mental toughness and clarity of mind are the difference between achieving your goals and redefining them. PERFORMIX IRIDIUMtrade is designed exclusively for elite athletes seeking to sharpen their edge and catalyze physical intelligence. Precision engineered with the highest quality premium ingredients, PERFORMIX IRIDIUMtrade is setting the standard for cognitive function, mental strength and physical domination with a singular focus on performance. Every PERFORMIX IRIDIUMtrade supplement is driven by our TERRA Intelligent Dosingtrade technology,
Dimensions: 410 x 410 x 460
Size: 20 servings
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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