US ClinicalsTM StrongHeartTM • Nitric Oxide Booster • Helps improve blood circulation • Maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level • Suitable for Vegetarians • 80 Capsules

Based on the science from a Nobel Prize winning medical breakthrough, StrongHeartTM is a cardio support formula that is scientifically designed to promote a healthy cardiovascular system. It combines L-Arginine with L-Citrulline and other vital nutrients to boost the body's production of Nitric Oxide (NO) - the miracle molecule that keeps your blood moving freely throughout the body.With StrongHeartTM, you can now give your heart the boost and protection it needs to feel good all day long![Advanced Arginine Complex Formula - Your choice of Nitric Oxide Booster]• Helps improve blood circulation• Maintains healthy blood pressure and cholesterol level• Relax blood vessels• Relieve stress on the heart• Support cardiovascular healthHow soon will I be able to see results?For first 1-2 months intake, you should be able to notice that symptoms caused by insufficient blood supply such as headache, dizziness, heart palpitation, fatigue and numbness are relieved. In addition, you may also notice improvement in your blood pressure and cholesterol level. Clinical study showed that long-term consumption for 6 months reported significant improvement in blood vessels function. However, results may vary for each individual.
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