Muscle Vizion 20/20 PUMP Pre Workout, #1 ONE SCOOP- Extreme Nitric Oxide Boost/Cell Expansion/Energy Ignition/Laser Focus/Peak Muscular Endurance/No Crash/All Natural Flavors and Sweetners (ZERO Cal)

Increased availability of L Arginine for conversion to nitric oxide (NO) enhances fundamental body performance by dilating blood vessels in response to body's/muscles' need for increased oxygen and fuel during heavy and high intensity workouts. This increased blood flow not only increases availability of oxygen that muscles need but also leads to significantly better transportation and absorption of nutrients in the body resulting in visibly insane PUMP that strengthens over time. 20/20 PUMP does provides stimulation with 300mg of caffeine but the presence of Taurine prevents crash that caffeine otherwise could lead to. However 20/20 PUMP formula strength does not rely simply on layers of stimulation, which almost all other pre-workout products in the market do rely on. Agmatine Sulfate and Choline Bitartrate provide cognitive boost, stimulate the central nervous system to develop a deep muscle contraction and act as a neurotransmitter that modulates the activity of cells in your brain.
Size: 5"x5"x5"
Package quantity: 1
Condition: New

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